Our Story

We’ve climbed the oldest & tallest sand dunes in the world.
Farmed chickens in rural Zambia.
Explored the ancient temples of Thailand.
Snorkeled in the Philippines.
And stood in awe of the thunderous Victoria Falls.

All over the world, we’ve noticed a universal thread.


Love is a powerful force for positive change all over this beautiful globe. Which is why we’ve dedicated our lives to giving love in rural Zambia. And why we named our coffee - CHIKONDI - or love, in Zambia’s native tongue, Nyanja. 


Through coffee we connect with the ones we love, people we’d like to know better, and those we’ll never have the opportunity to meet. 

Chikondi Coffee was born out of our desire to use the power of both coffee + love to connect you with a place we love - Kunchubwi Village in rural Zambia. Every dollar earned through Chikondi Coffee helps us give love in Kunchubwi Village through a home for abandoned & orphaned children, a women’s empowerment project, and clean water initiatives. 

and the coffee is really good. 

Our coffee is sourced from Zambia.  For the coffee connoisseurs -- yes, it is direct trade, specialty grade, and single-origin. And if you're not a connoisseur, guess what? You don't have to be. We stand by our coffee no matter how you brew - as complicated as a pourover or as simple as a Mr. Coffee pot. 

Will you join us on this
love + coffee adventure?


Bethany & David Morgan