Our Story


Chikondi (chee-KOHN-dee) = love. 

At Chikondi Coffee, we’re all about giving love. For the past five years in rural Zambia, we’ve watched a community blossom & grow with the transformative power of love. 

Chikondi Coffee was born out of our desire to sustainably give love more deeply to more people. We want to make a generational impact by putting that same life-changing love in something you drink every morning -- your coffee cup. Sourced from the beautiful country of Zambia, Africa, Chikondi Coffee is the delicious way to make a real, lasting difference. 

In many rural Zambian villages, the cycle of poverty affects nearly every aspect of life & community. Little access to clean water, hygiene & sanitation, education, and rural labor force has spun a web of problems keeping communities hopeless and stationary

Development Indicators for rural Zambia will tell you that the majority of people live with HIV, children are malnourished, gender equality is low, access to education is limited, and clean water, sanitation, and hygiene is hard to come by.

Numbers say one thing but stories bring numbers to life. The reality in rural villages in Zambia is survival. Every day is about having the basic necessities and surviving preventable diseases. There is no room for hopes, dreams, or goals, because focus on now is necessary for survival.

Heavy burdens in rural Zambia
Heavy burdens in rural Zambia
Moriah Community School -- over 300 students come to Moriah every day in Kunchubwi Village
Moriah Community School -- over 300 students come to Moriah every day in Kunchubwi Village

Drink coffee and transform lives. It's that simple.

This coffee is direct-trade, specialty coffee - which means farmers are paid a fair wage for their craft and the coffee is really good. 

100% of the proceeds from this coffee go to fund projects in rural communities in Zambia.

Chikondi Coffee is a venture in partnership with Love Abounds, designed to increase the sustainability of their love giving, hope inspiring, life changing projects in Kunchubwi Village.  Love Abounds chooses to focus on building communities and empowering generational change through giving love.  The organization has made a home in Kunchubwi Village — choosing to give love in this community day in and day out.  What does that look like?  

  • A home for abandoned and orphaned children - providing a loving and caring home and family for 16 children. 
  • Drilling borehole wells in the most-needed areas for clean drinking water. To date, we've drilled 12 boreholes in rural Zambia. 
  • Chicks Empowered, empowering female entrepreneurs through chicken farming.  Since 2015, Chicks Empowered has increased livelihoods of a community of women by over 300%.  Stable income = education for their children, building structurally sound homes, and always food on the table!
  • Building a community hub for the people of Kunchubwi Village to have fun, learn, and gather. 

Watch the following video to see Love Abounds' in action and go to the website to learn more: www.aboundinlove.org


Our mission at Chikondi Coffee is to be a bridge of love between YOU and the rural villages where our coffee is grown.  

And the impact has already begun. The work of Love Abounds is already changing lives in rural Zambia.  Chikondi Coffee connects your home to Kunchubwi Village in a delicious and sustainable way. Every bag sold of Chikondi Coffee directly supports Love Abounds’ growing projects in Zambia.  From your mug straight to Kunchubwi Village — we’re giving love, inspiring hope, and changing lives. 


Bethany & David Morgan // Dreamers behind Love Abounds

Carson Matthews //  Operations Extraordinaire 

Justin Minott // Coffee Guru